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Retail Partnerships

Since our founding of The Supermarket Bank® concept in 1984, FSI has created hundreds of profitable partnerships–win/win relationships–between strong, healthy retailers and qualified financial institutions throughout the U.S. and abroad.

A partial representation of these retail relationships is shown here. This corporate grouping includes a wide range of community, regional, super-regional and international institutions. We are proud to number these dynamic marketers among our valuable clients.

Client Testimonial

"The recent modular installation's quick time-to-market and minimization of disruption for our customers have proven to me that this is the only type of major tenant construction we would want to occur in Food City stores."

Lou Scudere, Sr. VP of Real Estate & Store Development
K-VA-T, Inc. (dba Food City Stores)

Client Testimonial

"We prefer modular bank branches in our stores for the obvious reason that there is less mess and interference to our business during the installation process."

Dennis Barr, VP of Real Estate
Fry's Food Stores / The Kroger Co.

Client Testimonial

"We love the quality appearance of the branches that operate in our stores. The branches were all installed while customers continued to shop as usual without disruption or inconvenience. Having dealt with the noise, dust and traffic issues created by other installations in our stores, our managers were pleasantly surprised by FSI's workmanship."

John Cosentino
Cosentino Food Stores (dba Price Chopper)


With the success of our in-store banking concept, strategic partnerships have been developed with key industry associations. These organizations include the following: