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A properly staffed branch in a retail environment can open your world to 10,000+ potential customers and business WEEKLY.

Consider the value and benefits of an In-Store branch: 

    • Rapid deployment
    • Lower FTE
    • Less square footage required
    • Lower cost to market
    • Exposure to thousands of shoppers weekly
    • Customer/member convenience


“The mode of grocery shopping has evolved over the last year with e-commerce experiencing a noticeable spike, but according to consumer insights and data company DISQO, in-store shopping is still the predominant and preferred way for consumers to buy groceries.” Read the complete article here, Report: In-Store Shopping Still the Predominant and Preferred Way to Buy Groceries.

FSI has the retail banking experience and speed-to-market to help create unique opportunities and service your customers/members. From lease negotiations, branch design, construction, and installation to project management and sales training, we offer programs for financial institutions to the branch experience and ensure future success.

Need more proof?
Read what other financial institutions are saying about their in-store branches...


"As technology eliminates the need for branch visits, the business model of putting talented bankers into consistently high-traffic environments becomes more strategically sound by the day. The in-store branch model gives financial institutions exposure and personal customer access that no other channel can provide." "

Dave Martin
Bank Mechanics

"During 2016 we began researching opportunities to enhance convenience for our members. We had a great network of branches and wanted to expand our service area. We sought FSI to help us add in-store branches to make it more convenient for our members to do business with us. Since opening our first in-store branch in January 2017, we proudly have worked with FSI on a number of in-store and traditional branch projects. They know the latest branch design trends to ensure our branches are created for the best member experience. FSI delivers an exceptional product in a timely manner and it is incredible to see how they maximize square footage for our in-store branches."

Todd Fortner
President & CEO
Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union

"As an organization looking to grow a new brand, the in-store presence was the way to go! Not only were we launching a new brand, we were penetrating a new market. We needed public exposure and a way to stand out from our competitors. The in-store locations allow us unlimited public exposure, our members experience excellent convenience, we are able to offer unconventional operation hours and we have the support of store management and their teams. The number one marketing tool is word of mouth and the in-store partnership allows us to easily spread public awareness about Center Parc Credit Union (division of APCU)."

Martia Winterhalter
AVP Branch Operations
Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU)

"Since the inception of the earliest in-store branches in the 1980s, the in-store model has become an enduring part of the banking industry's distribution framework, affording low-cost market entry with a built-in base of potential customers. In-store branches show continued relevance today, whether for extended after-hours and weekend capacity in suburban markets or for use in rural markets too small to support traditional branches. With proper training and marketing support, banks and credit unions across the nation continue to generate substantial new-account volumes through their in-store channels."

Steven Reider

"It's an old axiom that the best location for any business is where the customers are. That's what makes our Bank Mart branches so effective, and why they're such a competitive advantage for Fifth Third. Every one of our in-store branches has an extended "lobby" filled with current customers who understand the convenience of having a bank where they shop and prospective customers who are reminded of how convenient it would be if their bank were somewhere they were going to be anyway.

Our Bank Mark locations offer unparalleled convenience, extended hours and days of operation, a more comfortable banking environment, a one-stop shop mentality, and so much more."

Shawn T. Niehaus
Senior Vice President, Director of Retail
Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio

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