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Executive Planning & Sales Training

Executive Planning Session

The opening and operating of an In-Store Branch is a powerful and visible commitment from your institution to expand and improve upon your product delivery system. Your institution will be better able to serve existing customers, while realizing tremendous new opportunities to market and sell. In the ongoing and increasingly competitive battle for market share, your In-Store Branch will play a vital role in solidifying existing customer relationships and attracting new and profitable business.

An FSI Consultant will meet with executive leaders to prepare you for the many decisions and opportunities for operating inside an in-store branch.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Retail RELATIONS: The In-Store Branch's ability to successfully begin and build relationships with these customers determines the success of the In-Store Branch.
  • Human Resources: Personnel within these locations must be able to meet and fulfill the duties and requirements of a traditional branch, as well as sustain an aggressive and proactive marketing and sales culture
  • IN-STORE SALEs TRAINING REVIEW: Overview and discussion of In-Store Sales Training provided to the in-store team. See description below.
  • Re-thinking Marketing: The unique environment of an in-store financial center requires traditional and non-traditional marketing approaches. FSI experts train your managers in proven retail marketing techniques, based on our unique Make a Friend, Make a Customer® soft-sell system.


In-Store Sales Training

In-Store Sales Training, presented a few weeks prior to the branch's opening, equips the in-store associates to meet the demands of their new retail environment. A typical class runs approximately seven hours in length and is a hybrid of group dialogue and hands-on initiatives filled with high energy. Subjects covered with in-store associates include:

  • An Industry Overview
  • Developing a Partnership
  • In-store vs. Traditional Branches
  • Team Building
  • Rethinking What “Sales” Means
  • Building Relationships - Make a Friend, Make a Customer
  • Defining Your Target Market
  • Learning Customer Patterns
  • Rethinking Marketing
  • In-store Business Development
  • Creating an Effective PA Program
  • Conducting Effective Promotions

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Client Testimonial

"With almost no work on our part, we received knowledgeable insight from a qualified source regarding the impact of our current in-store branch employees, methods, and programs–all of which are major components to our branch's success."

Mandy Clifford, Director of Branch Services
AllSouth Federal Credit Union, Columbia, SC

Client Testimonial

"If you are committed to presenting your branch or organization in the best way possible, you need to understand others' perception of you; FSI's Benchmark Discovery program will help you identify that."

Christina Mijares, Regional Director, Branch Operations
Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, Phoenix, AZ