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Lace up your boots and secure your spot for FSI's Virtual Retail Banking Conference on September 21 and the Post-Conference Workshop on September 22.

During these sessions, you will blaze a trail to...

  • Create a performance-based team in today’s environment
  • Enhance retail branch development, expansion, and design with a digital marketing strategy
  • Engage directly with what’s happening in retail banking.
  • Improve your impact as a leader and that of your team
  • Connect with financial institutions operating inside stores, storefront/in-line, and on-sites.


Virtual Retail Banking Conference

Tuesday, September 21 • 1:00 - 5:00 pm EDT

This event will help team leaders and frontline employees unite through proven retail banking models. With opportunities for networking and live Q & A, attendees will sign off with the perfect blend of energy, inspiration, and success principles. Take a moment to meet the speakers...


Dave Martin
Sugarland, Texas

Why In-Store Branches Merit a Second Look

Alternative branches were long criticized for generating fewer deposits than traditional ones. But in an increasingly online world, convenient and conspicuous physical presences at places like grocery stores stand out. The superior production of new accounts and the higher fee-generation of in-store branches are frequently ignored by critics, as are the number of transactions handled by many in-store branches. Banks and credit unions with in-store branches quite frequently find that customers vote with their feet, using in-stores more than other in-market branches. Institutions operating in-store branches also frequently find that the customer satisfaction scores of their in-stores tend to be higher than other branches. Convenient and frequent access to bankers builds customer fondness.

Steven Reider
Birmingham, Alabama

The Role of the Branch in the Post-Pandemic World

The seismic changes wrought by the COVID-19 crisis impacted deposit and loan demand, credit quality, and channel use, upending every facet of the banking industry; but especially branch operations. Even as electronic channels emerged, banks and credit unions have continued to rely heavily on the personal touchpoints branches offer, yet for the better part of a year, consumers largely lost the use of that channel, and in some regions still lack lobby access.

It remains uncertain to what extent branch demand will return as the crisis abates, or whether an increase in non-branch channel use forced by COVID will turn permanent. Accordingly, this session will examine the role of the branch network in the post-pandemic environment, and recommend how bankers can reconfigure branches to meet consumer expectations in the years ahead.

Matthew Largent
SVP-Regional Manager
City National Bank & Trust Co.
Lawton, Oklahoma

Creating a Performance Based Team in Today's Environment

Creating performance-focused teams and cultures today can be extraordinarily challenging. In 30 minutes, Matt will explore three simple and key pieces that you need to create a performance or even a sales (gasp!) environment the right way. One that will lead you, your team, and your institution further.

Doug Hanson
America’s Premier Transformation Coach
Doug Hanson Performance Group
Katy, Texas

Distinctions For Success And Significance

In this session, the time will literally fly by as Doug uses his gifts of humor, storytelling, and observation to teach his most powerful principles for transforming your life and career. You will leave with a new awareness of how to quickly connect with virtually anyone, and how to influence your attitude, your energy level, and your results. Doug’s insights, exercises, and personal stories are not only entertaining, they will touch your heart, challenge your thinking, and have an immediate impact on your relationships at both home and work.


Post-Conference Workshop

Wednesday, September 22 • 1:00 - 4:00 pm EDT

On the following day, we will host our Post-Conference Workshop to recap and organize your favorite takeaways into a workable and immediate plan of action. Content experts will share their take on some of your toughest challenges, and you will be able to ask questions and share your insights as well. This helpful, don't-miss event is included with your registration.

**Register by August 10 to receive a personal conference booklet.**


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