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ORNL Federal Credit Union

GROWTH OBJECTIVE: Prompted by the retailer's store remodel in 2008, ORNL Federal Credit Union, embraced a major renovation designed to enhance service and value to members. The traditional teller-line was replaced with teller-assisted pods that would accommodate the amount of traffic each workstation would experience. The branch, located inside Food City in Knoxville, Tennessee, re-opened in its new location within the store only weeks after the design was confirmed. A few years later, ORNL management sought FSI's assistance in transforming this branch again. The credit union had a desire to automate cash processes that increase efficiency, in turn, releasing staff to focus on the sales experience. FSI's team was able to accomplish this branch transformation over a long holiday weekend providing minimal down-time for the client and it's members.

Innovative Features

  1. Complete removal and installation of new branch features in less than 5 days
  2. ITM technology allowing efficiencies such as faster service and extended hours
  3. Inviting ITM enclosures with faceted glass surrounds

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