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Additional Training Opportunities

FSI Training Consultants may also provide the following services per in-store location:

  • In-Store Planning and Consultation with Executive Team
  • In-Store Consultation Follow Up and Analysis
  • In-Store Business Development Coaching
  • Customer Service Training
  • Benchmark Discovery Service (i.e., Mystery Shopping)
  • Customized Workshops
    • Creating an Exceptional Customer/Member Service Experience
    • Creating Rapport to Increase Sales
    • Managing the Sales Process
    • Business Development Conversations
    • Rethinking Marketing
    • Developing a Strong Retail Partnership
    • Unleashing Leadership
    • Others as Requested

Additional Training Resources:

Annual Conference

Attendance to our Annual Conference is a major Member benefit. This inspirational, informative conference allows your executive management and branch managers the opportunity to hear top-rated speakers while offering professional and personal development for your staff. These motivational and informative presenters discuss the latest in-store developments to keep you abreast of this ever-changing industry and its best practices. Our Idea Exchange showcases promotions and other ideas implemented by peers around the country. Attendees return to work renewed, refreshed, more competent, and better qualified to operate and lead a successful in-store branch and its staff.

The Smart Cart, an Exclusive, Online Virtual Consultant

The Smart Cart is FSI's exclusive, online virtual consultant created to offer support and instruction for your retail sales program. This Members-Only website is designed to bring online training and leadership support for you and your team as you work to capitalize opportunities in this environment. Within the website, your staff receives access to the following: self-guided Online Sales Training to acclimate new hires; Human Resources training and staff development tools; Marketing guidance to include promotions, PA announcements, business development activities, (e.g., The In-Store Advantage newsletters, SuperMarketing Calendars, Advantage Podcasts, presentations, etc.).

Bi-Monthly Newsletter, The In-Store Advantage

This FSI publication is emailed to the financial institution’s President, in-store managers, key marketing personnel, and other “sponsors” of the in-store program within the financial institution. The In-Store Advantage is designed to keep the in-store staff focused and motivated. Marketing ideas and training refreshers are frequent topics of discussion. The In-Store Advantage addresses banking issues, both industry-wide and retail banking specific, from the perspective of an in-store associate.

Quarterly SuperMarketing Calendar

FSI Members receive a quarterly calendar of marketing promotions to help you increase sales and awareness of your in-store program. This calendar delivers fresh ideas and also assists in planning your promotion schedule.

Monthly Podcast, Advantage Podcast

FSI Members receive a link each month to the latest on-demand Advantage Podcast that focuses on leadership strategies to build and motivate a more productive team. Multiple years of these popular podcast archived in The Smart Cart. Click here for a sample.

Phone or Email Member Support

You and your staff are encouraged to use us as a resource. Whether it is a question about a sales technique, advice on a new promotion, or help with marketing materials, FSI Account Executives and Training Consultants will be there to assist with partnership relations, questions, or any other special needs that may arise. Appropriate cell numbers and email addresses are distributed as well as our toll-free client support number, (800) 992-4978 or email at Corporate office hours are 8 am - 5 pm EST, Monday-Friday.

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Client Testimonial

"I think this (Advantage Podcast) is an excellent idea. I look forward to Dave's Advantage Newsletter every two weeks and have looked up his articles in American Banker and am a huge fan. I have never had the opportunity to hear him speak and this gives us access to a very engaging and knowledgeable speaker. As well, this is probably the most difficult subject for in-store banking. I really liked his take on aisle time and as I am new to in-store banking am looking for all the instruction I can get my hands on. Thanks so much for doing this and please keep them coming."

Roy Jennings, Branch Manager
AllSouth Federal Credit Union, Columbia, SC