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In-Store Sales Training

In-Store Sales Training, typically presented a few weeks prior to the branch’s opening, equips the in-store associates to meet the demands of their new retail environment. Senior Management is always welcome and encouraged to participate. A typical class runs approximately eight hours in length and is a hybrid of group dialogue and hands-on initiatives filled with high energy. Subjects covered with in-store associates include:

  • An Industry Overview
  • Developing a Partnership
  • In-store vs. Traditional
  • Team Building
  • Rethinking What “Sales” Means
  • Building Relationships - Make a Friend, Make a Customer
  • Defining Your Target Market
  • Learning Customer Patterns
  • Rethinking Marketing
  • In-store Business Development
  • Creating an Effective PA Program
  • In-store Signage
  • Conducting Effective Promotions
  • Customer Service